5 Tips on Making a Homemade Pizza

The prices for pizza has been overrated in most of the restaurants today. Maybe it is because most people love it. The prices make it at time difficult to go for them every time you feel like making pizza. Some people also have the money but they do not even have the time to get their pizza from the restaurant. Also, some people do not just love the pizza from restaurants. The solution for all these categories of people is to make a homemade pizza. Here are the tips which can help you end up making the most delicious pizza just from your home:


1. Preheat the pizza stone or baking steel

You need to place the pizza stone or the baking steel on the oven for preheating. This should last for about one hour. Ensure you use very low heat. Well, one hour may seem long for you but did you know it is the reason for crunchiness at the bottom? The more crunchy it is the sweeter your pizza. You wouldn’t want lots of dough even at the bottom.


2. Brush the edges of the pizza with olive oil


Yes, have you ever tasted a pizza which has a dried edge? I know you did not like it. When you brush some olive oil on the edges once you take it out of the oven, you will enjoy yourself since the pizza will be soft all around. Do not destroy the appetite of your kids by giving them a hard-dried pizza.


3. Block all possible holes on your dough


Once you prepare the dough, ensure you block all the possible holes. You can do this using a fork just to ensure that you do not give room for air holes. Once you pick the dough severally using the fork, the air spaces will fade away but also you make holes on the top of the dough to hold the upper ingredients. Remember, the air holes can really make your pizza to be less dense. Serve your family with pizza, not airbags. 


4. Choose the best flour


Making a good homemade pizza start by the type of flour you choose to make the dough. Take a step and go for a high-quality flour that exists where you live. Whatever you do, if you choose a poor quality flour the result will never be amazing. Read on our quick easy homemade lasagna recipe too!


5. Do proper topping


Pizza is more than the dough made of ordinary flour. The topping adds value to it. What you choose to top is your choice. You can consider having things like jam which your family loves most. For instance, if they love butter jam, do not hesitate to use it for topping alongside other ingredients of your choice.